Continually be the pre-eminent pathology group in the State of Hawaii with focus on being first choice for pathology services in the community while being an attractive employer for future generations of the most talented pathologists and staff.


Provide high-quality anatomic and clinical pathology services in a manner that is ethical, caring, accessible, and financially responsible to a broad spectrum of medical environments, including hospitals, academic centers, laboratories, physician offices, and the community-at-large, to help ensure outstanding diagnostic patient care for the people in Hawaii and abroad.

To manage and direct a professional pathology business that is service-oriented, compliant, efficient, and profitable while ensuring a working environment that is safe, respectful, trustworthy, and fiscally responsible to support its partners’ and employees’ development and growth.

To educate and train current and future generations of physicians, especially Pathologists, in the community and help ensure the availability of, and access to, high-quality patient care in Hawaii.