Related Terms: Bile duct brushings, bronchia brushings cytology; colonic brushings, esophageal brushings cytology; gastric brushing cytology; oropharyngeal brushings cytology; galactorrhea; nipple discharge/imprint cytology; oral brushing cytology; small bowel brushing; tracheal brushings; Tzank smear; ureteral brushing cytology; urethral brushings.

Test Includes: Cytologic examination of prepared smears. Possible special stains.

Availability: Mon–Fri 08:00–17:00, Sat, 08:00–12:00; Pathologist on call at all times for consultation.

Special Instructions: Specify clinical differential diagnosis. Apply brushing or scraped sample on glass slide and fix the slide immediately by placing in 95% alcohol or using spray fixative. Label slides with patient name. Label slide holder with exact body site and patient's name. Alternatively, brush tips may be submitted in saline or cytology transport fluid (CytoLyt) for additional cytologic preparations or cell blocks.

Analytic Time: 1 day.

Causes for Rejection: Improper/delayed fixation with air-drying artifact. Unlabeled specimen. Insufficient demographic or clinical information for processing.

Interpretation: Results interpreted by cytopathologists. Brushings may increase the sensitivity of endoscopic procedures when performed prior to tissue biopsy.

Limitations: Allowing smears and brushings to dry before they are fixed may render them unsatisfactory for cytologic evaluation.