Related Terms: Pathology second opinion; outside case review.

Test Includes: Microscopic examination and diagnosis of previously histologic and cytologic slide preparations from outside laboratories; additional studies including molecular studies and special stains are possible if the original paraffin blocks with lesional material are available.

Availability: Mon–Fri 08:00–17:00, Sat, 08:00–12:00; Pathologist on call at all times for consultation.

Analytic Time: 1–2 days for routine cases.

Specimen: Submit or request slides and/or paraffin blocks from outside laboratory. A signed release from the patient may need to be sent to the original laboratory. The original pathology report from the outside laboratory should accompany the request.

Causes for Rejection: Unlabeled specimen. Insufficient demographic or clinical information for processing.

Interpretation: Microscopic evaluation by pathologist.

Special Studies: Specify if additional studies are needed. Microscopic photo images are available on request (PDF report available through Atlas Medical web reporting).