Related Terms: SurePath, ThinPrep

Test Includes: SurePath with BD FocalPoint GS Imaging System or ThinPrep Pap Test; HPV reflex testing according to ACOG guidelines (age dependent); HPV co-testing on request; STD panel or Chlamydia/GC testing on request.

Availability: Mon–Fri 08:00–17:00; Pathologist on call at all times for consultation.

Special Instructions: Specify pertinent gynecologic and oncologic history, treatment, signs, symptoms, and risk factors. Label vials with patient name. Call laboratory for detailed information on collection technique.

Sample Collection:

Analytic Time: 2–4 days.

Causes for Rejection: Obscuring blood, inflammation, lubricants, or mucus. Scant cellular samples. Unlabeled specimen vials. Insufficient demographic or clinical information for processing.

Interpretation: Results interpreted by cytotechnologists or cytopathologists. Modified Bethesda System terminology.

Limitations: The Pap smear is a screening procedure only. Annual screening increases and improves the reliability of the test and the rate of detection for premalignant lesions. Patients with signs and/or symptoms of gynecologic abnormalities may require diagnostic procedures despite negative cytologic findings.