Related Terms: Bladder washing; catheterized urine; renal pelvic washing; ureteral washings; voided urine cytology; fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH) for bladder/urothelial carcinoma.

Test Includes: Microscopic analysis of cytologic preparation and/or FISH testing.

Availability: Cytology — Mon–Fri 08:00–17:00, Sat, 08:00–12:00; UroVysion — one run per week; Pathologist on call at all times for consultation.

Special Instructions: Refrigerate sample and send to laboratory immediately. Alternatively, submit in cytology transport fluid (equal volume of CytoLyt). For UroVysion testing, use of CytoLyt will insure specimen stability for FISH analysis. Label container with patient name and specimen date.

Analytic Time: 1 day for cytology; up to 7 days for UroVysion.

Specimen: Voided or catheterized urine; intraoperative washings of bladder, ureter, or renal pelvis.

Minimum Volume: Not less than 50 mL.

Causes for Rejection: Unlabeled specimen. Lack of refrigeration or proper transport media. Insufficient demographic or clinical information for processing.

Interpretation: Interpreted by pathologist.

Limitations: Delay in delivery of specimen resulting in cellular degeneration may lead to unsatisfactory results.

Special studies: Indications for UroVysion testing include past history of urothelial carcinoma and high-risk patients presenting with hematuria.