ThinPrep Brush/Spatula Protocol

Obtain... adequate sampling from the ectocervix using a plastic spatula. If desired, use lukewarm water to warm and lubricate the speculum. Water-soluble gel lubricant sparingly applied to the posterior blade of the speculum can be used if necessary.1 Select contoured end of plastic spatula and rotate it 360 degrees around the entire exocervix while maintaining tight contact with exocervical surface.


...the spatula as quickly as possible into the PreservCyt solution vial by swirling the spatula vigorously in the vial 10 times. Discard the spatula.

Obtain... adequate sampling from the endocervix using an endocervical brush device. Insert the brush into the cervix until only the bottommost fibers are exposed. Slowly rotate 1/4 or 1/2 turn in one direction. DO NOT OVER-ROTATE.


...the brush as quickly as possible in the PreservCyt solution by rotating the device in the solution 10 times while pushing against the PreservCyt vial wall. Swirl the brush vigorously to further release material. Discard the brush.


...the cap so that the torque line on the cap passes the torque line on the vial.


...the patient's name and ID number on the vial, and the patient information and medical history on the cytology requisition form.


...the vial and requisition in a specimen bag for transport to the laboratory.


1. ThinPrep Collection Method,  Hologic, Inc. 2010

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