Pap Smear Specimen Collection Using SurePathTM Pap Test Method

Step 1: Collect

Collect the cytology sample using either a broom-like device or combination brush/spatula with detachable heads.

Step 2: Drop

Drop the detachable head into the BD SurePath™ vial.

Step 3: Record

Record the patient's name and ID number on the vial, and the patient information and medical history on the cytology requisition form.

Step 4: Send

Place the cap on the vial and tighten. Send the BD SurePath™ vial to the lab for processing.


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4 . Bigras G., et al. Keeping collecting device in liquid medium is mandatory to ensure optimized liquid-based cervical cytologic sampling. Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease, Vol. 7(3), 2003:168-174.


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