Hawaii Pathologists’ Laboratory Hosts Medical Students from Shimane University

Hawaii Pathologists’ Laboratory (HPL) hosted three medical students from Shimane University in Japan this past February. The program, initiated by Dr. Hideo Namiki, one of the HPL founders and father of Dr. Thomas Namiki, current HPL partner, allows many medical personnel from numerous Japanese educational institutions the opportunity to study in Hawaii.

Nahoko Ishikawa, Risa Nagaoka and Aya Tanikawa were the three participating medical students who came from Japan with their professor, Dr. Riruke Maruyama, who was also a former visiting research scholar of HPL.

“This program, established several years ago, allows not only medical students, but doctors and cytotechnologists from many Japanese institutions an opportunity to come here and experience what it is like to work or study in our lab,” said Dr. Thomas Namiki. “It expands the horizons of the participants in more ways than one and builds a future toward continued global collaboration.”

Shimane University is a national university in the Shimane Prefecture in Japan. The university is multi-disciplinary with approximately 6,000 students including over 750 post-graduate and doctoral students. The university was the first public university in Japan to establish and interdisciplinary department integrating natural sciences and engineering.

The three visiting students spent three weeks studying at the HPL facility. Over the years, HPL has been the host for many visiting researchers and students from Japan including those from Showa University, Kobe University, Tokushima University, Kawasaki Medical College, Hyogo College of Medicine and more. Last year, HPL also hosted a thoracic surgeon from Fukuoka University and a cytotechnologist from Shimane University.

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