History of HPL

Hawai'i Pathologist's Laboratory, LLP was the first private pathology group in Hawai'i.  It was established by Drs. Ann B Catts, Richard Kelley, and Drake Will in 1965.  Dr. Hideo Namiki joined the group in 1967.  Other emeritus partners include Drs. Keith Tonaki and Thomas Reppun. 

The practice initially focused on directing the clinical and pathology laboratories at The Queen's Medical Center.  Over time, the scope of the practice widened to include the laboratory directorship and diagnostic pathology needs of patients and medical institutions across the state of Hawai'i and around the Pacific basin. 

Members of the group also contribute by serving on medical societies, community groups, and volunteer organizations.  They continue to teach numerous medical students, residents, and visiting fellows from foreign countries.

Dr. Ann Catts

Dr. Drake Will

Dr. Richard Kelley


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