Consultation/Case Reviews

Hawai'i Pathologists' Laboratory has served as consultant to physicians, patients, and other pathologists for nearly 50 years.  Cases submitted in consultation are reviewed by HPL pathologists, with at least 2 staff conferring on malignant cases.   Clinicians and patients often generate requests for second opinions.  Benefits of these consultations include improved diagnostic certainty and accuracy.  While diagnoses are infrequently changed, when these changes do occur, they often result in alterations in treatment plans and patient prognoses.  Direct cost savings may be attained from avoiding unnecessary procedures.  Furthermore, a patient’s emotional well being may be enhanced by diagnostic confirmation.

In addition, a second opinion may be sought in complicated cases when definitive diagnosis is difficult.  Initial diagnoses may be uncertain because of the nature of the disease process or because the specimen is insufficient.  In other situations, on-site ancillary testing may not be available to the local pathology laboratory.

If you would like to send slides, paraffin blocks, or samples to us for consultation, please contact our department at (808) 691-4271 or email us at

Consultations/case reviews must be ordered by a clinician.  A signed release from the patient may be required.  Daily courier service is available in Hawai'i and other regions of the South Pacific.  The original pathology report should accompany the request.  Concomitant submission of appropriate clinical history and laboratory data is strongly encouraged.  Preliminary interpretation is typically available within 1-2 days from receipt of the case.  Complicated cases may require more detailed examination and additional studies.  Our immunohistochemistry and molecular diagnostics laboratories are fully equipped to perform a wide array of testing.

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