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Results Review – Your Step-by-Step Guide

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Product Features

  • Secure, immediate access to lab results based on your individual preferences
  • View cumulative values for trend analysis
  • Reduce outgoing phone calls to the lab when reprints are needed, with report printing on demand
  • Experience an increase in patient satisfaction with immediate access to new and historical result values – when you need them
  • View Pathology images

Step 1:   Access the system using a windows PC, Internet Explorer 6 and above.

Step 2:   Log in


Password is case sensitive  and must be at least seven (7) characters in length and must include at least one alpha and/or numeric character (i.e., 123456f).  Password will expire every 6 months.

Step 3:   Access your results


Review Lab Reports…

You can navigate back to the lab reports screen by selecting “Results” on top of the screen and clicking on “Lab Reports”

Lab reports tab

Or you can click on the “Lab Report Search” Button under the “Patient QuickLinks” menu:

To filter your search…

On the lab report screen (shown below), click on the “Search Criteria” tab.


Customize the filter options to meet your criteria and click “Search”.


Many filtering options are available to limit the search parameters.

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