Renal Pathology


We are at the beginning stages of developing a society of practitioners involved in the care of patients with acute and chronic renal disorders.  In order to effectively achieve this goal, the periodic clinical-pathologic conference is an essential forum in which we can advance our knowledge and share insights from the diagnosis to the treatment options for medical renal diseases.   Due to the logistical barriers of our state, a web-based format may help unite our efforts.  Please visit this website to participate in this endeavor to understand the impact of renal diseases in the Pacific Islands and beyond.

To submit a case or questions about our Renal Pathology Services at Hawaii Pathologisists' Laboratory, please contact



Another case of nodular glomerulosclerosis?  There is no history of diabetes.

Direct immunofluorescence for kappa light chains (top) and lambda light chains (bottom).

What is the diagnosis?  What did our Nephrologist do?

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